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Shrimp Mazatlan Enchiladas

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Achiote paste for seasoning


La reveliada

What does rajas con crema mean?

  Rajas con crema in English In Spanish “Rajas con crema”  means strips with cream. ( Strips of roasted poblano peppers).  Rajas in English “Rajas” means strips it's more of an action than a descriptive word for cooking. For example, it's called stripping the chicken breast, stripping the peppers, and stripping whatever you have as the ingredient. Rajas con crema ingredients Mexican Crema Poblano peppers Garlic cloves Onions Cooking oil  preferably (Avocado) You usually have rajas of peppers (poblano) more than any other ingredient. To make rajas(strips of peppers) all you need is poblano peppers and a heat source for charring the peppers to peel the skin off. Also, a knife cutting board and a container to hold the strips in. Rajas con crema y queso Some recipes call for a melting cheese including the Mexican Crema to make it creamier. It is optional you do not have to add the case so it's creamy with the crema. Rajas con crema y pollo I have seen many recipes that include

Salsa Mexicana

let this Pico de Gallo sit in the fridge and the flavors come together even more. Perfect for any taco and perfect for a tostada.

Garlic and Onion in the kitchen

  Almost every dish has garlic and onion in the recipe. It seems like every dish has a certain amount, and Just the right amount. Too much garlic and onion, will give you bad breath .Due to alliinases and allicin they release when you cut or bite into it.  So do not add too much. If the dish doesn't have enough, the food won't come out right. It seems like the food is missing something. Some spice or flavor that salt just doesn't make.  Then there are sub recipes that also have garlic or onion in it also.