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Machete time

 Have you ever had a mexican dish named machete? It's a long quesadilla with meat in it. The first time I ate it I was so happy and full. The cook gave me a little history of where it came from. He says it originated from Tijuana Mexico. 


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Garlic and Onion in the kitchen

  Almost every dish has garlic and onion in the recipe. It seems like every dish has a certain amount, and Just the right amount. Too much garlic and onion, will give you bad breath .Due to alliinases and allicin they release when you cut or bite into it.  So do not add too much. If the dish doesn't have enough, the food won't come out right. It seems like the food is missing something. Some spice or flavor that salt just doesn't make.  Then there are sub recipes that also have garlic or onion in it also.

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