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Machete time

 Have you ever had a mexican dish named machete? It's a long quesadilla with meat in it. The first time I ate it I was so happy and full. The cook gave me a little history of where it came from. He says it originated from Tijuana Mexico. 


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  Rajas con crema in English In Spanish “Rajas con crema”  means strips with cream. ( Strips of roasted poblano peppers).  Rajas in English “Rajas” means strips it's more of an action than a descriptive word for cooking. For example, it's called stripping the chicken breast, stripping the peppers, and stripping whatever you have as the ingredient. Rajas con crema ingredients Mexican Crema Poblano peppers Garlic cloves Onions Cooking oil  preferably (Avocado) You usually have rajas of peppers (poblano) more than any other ingredient. To make rajas(strips of peppers) all you need is poblano peppers and a heat source for charring the peppers to peel the skin off. Also, a knife cutting board and a container to hold the strips in. Rajas con crema y queso Some recipes call for a melting cheese including the Mexican Crema to make it creamier. It is optional you do not have to add the case so it's creamy with the crema. Rajas con crema y pollo I have seen many recipes that include